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Fur in Siatista

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On Saturday, 20 April 2013, the inauguration of the exposition “Fur in Siatista” featuring fur products at the Vio.Pa. building in Siatista took place. The opening was held in the presence of craftsmen of the field, commercial representatives, local administrators, politicians and a large number of citizens.

The fair was organized by the Fur Association of Siatista, the Kozani Eve (Industrial & Trades Chamber) as well as the collaboration of the Municipality of Voion and the Peripheral Administrative District of Western Macedonia. The event was under the auspices of the ministry of Macedonia and Thrace while Minister Mr. Theodore Karaoglou was present during the opening ceremony.

The guests had the chance to see a variety of the fur products coming from Siatista as well as from the whole county of Voion. It is evident that the above mentioned business establishments have been working hard and have proved that they are gradually regaining their lost allure in the fur field.

Their products were also exhibited during a fashion show which was held later on. The hit of the show were women who survived breast cancer walking on the catwalk as models sending their own unique message of life. It was only natural that such an action was greeted with enthusiasm and the warmest applaud.

The Minister of Macedonia and Thrace, Mr. Theodore Karaoglou praised this business move of the fur tradesmen of Siatista. He also stated that the ministry’s support towards the guild will be practical since, quote; the fur industry could constitute one of the commercial routes that will help us exit the facing economical crisis.

The President of the Siatista Fur Craftsmen Association Mr. Dimitris Kosmidis notably commented on the history of the fur and the conquest of the global markets by the Siatista craftsmen. On the other hand, the President of the Kozani Industrial & Trades Chamber, Mr. Konstaninos Kiriakidis based his speech on the contribution of the fur industry to the economical map of the region.

On behalf of the municipality of Voion, the Mayor Mrs. Panayota Orfanidou-Papakonstantinou addressing the Minister of Macedonia and Thrace requested the establishment of a special Ministerial Secretariat which will solely be dealing with the Fur industry. In addition, she made a plea to the government not to go ahead with decisions such as the closures of the customs and tax offices, actions which impose heavy obstacles when it comes to the growth and evolution of the fur business. The Peripheral Administration of Western Macedonia and its Prefect were represented by the Vice-Prefect Mr. Ioannis Sokoutis. In addition, a lot of members of the Greek Parliament from the region of Kozani along with other administrative officers were present.

The exhibition closed its doors on Sunday, 21 April, leaving the people in charge satisfied while, simultaneously, setting the bases for the next big exposition in the city of Siatista.

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